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Infant and Toddler

During the first years of life, the brain goes through some extraordinary changes. The first three years are critical to your child's development. We understand that fostering optimal development requires responsive interaction and language. Our daily routine incorporates these activities along with plenty of one-on-one tender time. Rock-a-bye offers the warm, nurturing care your baby needs to grow and thrive. 

2-Year Old

Two-year-olds are on a mission every day to discover their world. They are rambunctious, inquisitive and delightful. At Rock-a-bye, we understand the reward and challenge of caring for two-year olds. We strive to provide a variety of enriching activities so your child can learn new skills. When learning is fun, the sky is the limit. 

3-Year Old Pre-K Preparation Program

Rock-a-bye offers a 3-Year Old program where children will be working on 4 year-old Kindergarten readiness. With a limited class size of 10, your child will spend each day preparing for the 4-year old kindergarten program. They will focus heavily on language and communication skills, math and scientific thinking and creativity. This program also works on your child's social and emotional skills, working well independently and in small groups, handwriting, and most importantly, self-confidence. Our goal is to help develop the whole child. We strive to provide many hands-on learning opportunities for each child to enhance their academic growth. 

Pre-School Ages 3-5

Rock-a-bye pre-school is designed to guide your child through a series of preparatory activities. The goal of our multi-faceted curriculum is for your child to be emotionally, physically and mentally prepared for success in school. 

Sun Prairie Four Kids (SP4K)

Rock-a-bye provides two morning and two afternoon sessions of Sun Prairie's Four-year-old Kindergarten program. Any child who is four years old on or before September 1st can participate in this free program. 4K is a part-day program, designed to focus on social, emotional, and cognitive skills that will help prepare children for kindergarten. The program is offered in a developmentally appropriate setting that is play-based and child-centered. Children in this program will prepare for Kindergarten and enhance their development and learning skills. 

SP4K Wrap-Around Care

Rock-a-bye provides before and aftercare for all SP4K sessions. Children enrolled in SP4K can come to Rock-a-bye all day, or for a reduced rate attend Rock-a-bye up to 4 hours per day. Wrap-Around care is a continuation of what is being taught in our 4K programs and designed with more of play-based learning philosophy. Your child will be involved in gym, Spanish, and art classes. We will also focus on dramatic play, reading, listening, creativity, and self-help skills. Our goal is for your child to be emotionally, physically, and mentally prepared for success in school. 

Before/After School Ages 5-12

The emphasis of this program will be on fun. Each day the children will get time in our large gym filled with many types of developmentally appropriate toys and sports equipment. The children will also be given plenty of outdoor time to participate in many various games and sports. Time and space will be provided for homework. A teacher will also help assist with questions or problems with homework. Arts and crafts and media are also available. These activities are designed to enhance development and self-esteem.

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