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Rock-a-bye Curriculum

At Rock-a-bye we use The Creative Curriculum teaching strategy. It is the country's leading scientific-based and comprehensive curriculum program. The unique approach is designed for teachers to create high-quality learning in the classroom and support the efforts to opening the door to the most successful learning. The Creative Curriculum process gives our teachers the tools to provide thoughtful, intentional care and learning experiences that respond to the changing interests and abilities of children of all ages, supporting their development in positive ways.

Creative Curriculum Ages Birth to Three

In this program, we strive to provide a consistent and responsive care environment that will start your child on the path to a lifetime of engaged learning. The relationship between child and caring adult is a meaningful relationship that is strengthened by creating essential daily routines and experiences that respond to each child's individual strengths and interests. These early, positive relationships give young children the self-confidence they need to explore and take pleasure in their day-to-day discoveries. The Creative Curriculum process helps caregivers plan and implement every aspect of caring for your child. It provides a creative daily routine, making a fun environment, and ways to build a lasting partnership with families.

Creative Curriculum for Pre-School to School Age

At Rock-a-bye we are setting the stage for your child's success in school and in life. In this program we strive to have ongoing efforts to value each child as an individual and embrace their unique contributions to the classroom and inspire a love of learning that will last a lifetime.

Our Pre-School program uses Creative Curriculum to push the idea that children learn best when they are actively involved with classroom materials and with their classmates and teachers. This curriculum sets up a proper environment that best channels building positive and meaningful relationships.

By using the Creative Curriculum process at Rock-a-bye we are able to set-up a learning environment plan that is developmentally appropriate in all facets. Teachers plan appropriate routines for their age level; develop lesson plans in all the core areas that are creative and unique, and build a partnership with families that are based on trust and mutual respect.

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