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Creative Curriculum Process

Our curriculum changes with the needs, interests, and abilities of each child.

At Rock-a-bye, we are here to foster an environment in which children can have fun learning. Their experiences will be documented and shared with you.


We strive to create an environment full of language development opportunities so children can develop positive attitudes toward language and literacy. As children progress through the various stages of cognitive development, their ability to play begins to resemble problem-solving, exploration and analysis. Peer learning is an important part of language development. We provide a balance between individual activities and those that nurture collaboration and discussion.

Music Class
Super Hero Costumes

Fine and Gross Motor Development

Children learn about their environment through a variety of avenues. Motor development is enhanced early in life by allowing the child to improve current skills and foster the development of emerging skills. Many motor skills such as hand-eye coordination, strength, balance and agility will be the natural outcome of the diverse play opportunities available at Rock-a-bye.

Social and Emotional Development

For very young children, successful social, personal and emotional development is critical and gives them the best opportunity to achieve their potential. At Rock-a-bye we feel it is important to provide experiences and support that enable each child to develop a positive sense of self. We teach children to respect themselves and others.

Sharing Student
Technology Class


Science activities can build on children's natural and instinctive desire to explore and discover their world. Science activities provide children with experiences in using scientific process skills, deeper understandings of their world and challenge their abilities (Cromwell 2000). Young children are naturally curious and explore their environment with enthusiasm.

Sensory Exploration

Children experience life through their senses as they are learning about the world around them. We support a variety of activities that nurture all the senses. By recognizing this sensory learning process, we integrate many learning opportunities.

Geography Lesson
Numbers Game

Math Manipulative

Children are given the opportunity to explore math in their everyday world. At Rock-a-bye, we encourage activities that build on children's personal experiences of counting, sorting, patterning and problem-solving. Children have a natural interest in math and an inclination to use it to make sense of their world. We use our curriculum to help children reason, communicate, connect and represent mathematical ideas.


Art, music and dramatic play are all ways for children to express themselves. The arts foster a relationship between ideas and objects and serve as a connection between thought and action. At Rock-a-bye, we want to foster thinking skills and creativity. The arts are an effective means of formulating relationships across other disciplines while connecting ideas, concepts and patterns.

Kids Drawing
Kids Playing

Healthy Children

When it comes to physical activity and nutrition, research shows that infancy, toddler years and early childhood are the most important developmental stages for establishing healthy eating and exercise patterns. These patterns can provide optimal growth and cognitive development. At Rock-a-bye, we promote and encourage enjoyable physical activity and balanced nutrition. We hope by establishing these healthy habits, children can continue to reap the benefits of healthy lifestyles throughout their lives.

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